Small city. Big amenities. And high tech — srqTEK.

srq tek computer repair

Technology Concierge Services

Appealing to the most demanding clients, srqTEK acts as your ally and liaison in all technical help matters, such as:

  • Computer Hardware Repairs
  • Custom System Builds
  • Secure Wireless Networks
  • Software and Cloud Administration
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • App & Device Management
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Security Solutions
  • VoIP Phone System (Teams)
  • All OS Platforms

    Our clients are primarily small businesses located in Downtown Sarasota, as well as catering to former executives and retired professionals within the 34236 and surrounding area.

    Remote sessions are also available via Quick Assist (Windows) or other methods, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or AnyDesk (Mac or PC). Of course, onsite consulting is available by setting an appointment during a scheduled call.

    Our mission is to be present, preventative, problem-solving, and informative.

    Please schedule a free call to assess your needs. Scheduling means that your incoming call will become recognized, familiarized, and prioritized.

  • Our Services


    Stay in touch with your peers and vendors through various aspects, such as email, chat, text, and voice. US-based helpdesk services. Always responsive attention.


    Store your documents, access your documents from anywhere, and ensure that these documents will remain. Compliance and retension policies. Cloud backup.


    Live in confidence that your documents and data are yours and only shared with those that are authorized. Protect your accounts and data with a holistic solution.

    Productivity and Protection Platform


    Microsoft 365 is the new name for what was launched as Office 365 in 2011. Over the past 11+ years, the platform has grown to include many products and services, such as their current flagship — Microsoft Teams.

    Personal Platform


    We fully embrace the Apple ecosystem. These devices have been designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards. “Windows for work; Apple at home.” And Apple fully embraces the Microsoft 365 platform. (Android is also an option and supported, but not recommended.)

    Wireless Networks


    Unifi networking equipment from Ubiquiti provides business-class connectivity, including 802.11 ax wireless access points, PoE switches, gateways, security cams, and physical access devices. This vendor was founded by a former Apple executive.

    Cloud Backup


    Microsoft 365 is great, but they do not keep your files forever, that is, after they’ve been deleted — SkyKick does. Unlimited backup, easy setup, and one-click restore for Microsoft 365.

    Backup for Microsoft 365

    Do you have “click-happy” users who accidentally delete things? And once these are forgotten, do you realize that anything deleted more than 93 days ago

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    Please schedule a free consultation.

    srqTEK is a subsidiary of Cloud 365 Solutions