Install Windows as a Troubleshooting Solution

In another life, I worked as a tech for the US Census, supporting all the workers in the local office on Cape Cod.

I was taught to never spend more than 15 minutes troubleshooting a computer problem. Instead, we would wipe the system clean with a new image of Windows 95.

In todays’ world, images are not necessarily the answer, but there is a feature within Windows 10/11 that provides a PC Reset. When invoked, then we should ensure that all data is saved to the cloud, and then proceed with the reset, which restores an original and pristine experience to the end-user when complete.

This pristine system can then restore all former desktop apps and settings. Some (or most) of these can be performed automatically when the device becomes automatically enrolled within the Intune mobile device management (MDM) platform available from the Microsoft 365 Business Premium SKU and above (E3 and E5). Of course, once the end-user has signed in, then all online data becomes synced to the “new” device from the Microsoft 365 cloud services (Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint).

The entire process of resetting Windows only takes about 20 minutes on a current system. There are several other follow-up tasks, although many of these follow-up procedures can be automated through proper configuration within Intune.