Hurricane Prep & Remediation

Like it or not, we are currently within the path of a major hurricane.

The first task in preparation is to have battery backups in place. These devices not only provide a few minutes to save your important data, but they also act a surge protector to mitigate any damage that might happen to your computers or any devices plugged into the grid. Whether your devices are turned on or off, this protection should be in place — anything plugged into the wall can experience a surge whether the device is turned on or off.

If the storm pokes a hole in your roof, then you might as a precaution cover your systems with plastic sheets, such as inexpensive drop cloths.

When I speak of devices, we are normally not necessarily talking about mobile devices, such as laptops, phones, or tablets. But desktop computers, servers, routers, modems, or anything with a power cord would be included in your preparation.

Once the storm blows through, then there might be damage, especially for water. Water, of course, is s death knell for electronic devices, so the best advice is to keep them elevated above flood level. This is always the best advice anyway as dust can also be a killer at floor level, so I always advise that people keep devices on top of their desks. 

If damage occurs, then a desktop system might be refurbished by replacing components, which is the beauty of desktop systems — they are only the sum of their components, and easily replaced.

Of course, proper insurance is always a factor because all might be lost in a flood. If that might happen, then please call to consult regarding the smartest way to replace your infrastructure.

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